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June 20, 2022

Best E-Scooters on the Market

Purchasing an e-scooter can be a difficult decision with so many different models and brands on the market. Fear not! At Bikerent.com we had the opportunity to test them all and have chosen our favorites for you below.


The e-scooters on the market today boast hours of battery life allowing you to explore all day without worrying about a charge. No more abiding by the constraints of having to find a Lime or Bird that is where you need it when you need it (and functional!). 


There is a considerable difference between the e-scooters on the market today. They range in price anywhere from below $300 dollars, all the way beyond $2,000. E-scooters top speeds can range anywhere from 15mph up to a blazing 35mph; fast enough to have to slow down in school zones! There are heavy models designed for longer distance travel and lighter models designed for quick and easy folding on trains or buses. 


However you plan to ride, check out these best in class e-scooters! 



MegaWheels S10



This electric scooter by MegaWheels offers a comfortable and convenient travel experience. Ideal for city communities, the MegaWheels S10 offers riders a fast and fun way to travel across town! It boasts 8 inch honeycomb airless tires and dual shock absorption ensuring riders a smooth trip.


The scooter is powered by a 250W motor propelling the scooter to a top speed of 15.5 mph, and thanks to a 5.0AH Lithium Ion battery the s10 is capable of a full 12 mile range. For the safety of riders, this scooter is equipped with dual electric anti-lock brakes as well as a dual-shock absorption system. LED Headlight and Taillight ensure riders are seen at all times of the day or night. 


Priced at $399 this scooter is the cheapest on our list!


Swagtron Swagger 5 


The Swagtron Swagger 5 is a bold name for one of the more conveinvent e-scooters on the market. This foldable model is great for commuting, and although this scooter has slightly less range than some of its competitors it makes up for it with some extra speed! A 36V battery and 300W Motor allows you to scoot along at a top speed of 18 mph for up to 11 miles. 


The swagger 5 is equipped with 8 inch honeycomb airless tires to reduce maintenance cost. It also has safety features such as LED head- and tail lights as well as a rear anti-lock disc braking system. This classic e-scooter will quickly get you from point A to point B even if there is a plane, train, or automobile in between!


The Swagton Swagger 5 model is priced at a $499.

Segway-Ninebot Max 


The Segway-Ninebot Max made an immediate splash in the market when it was released in October of 2019 and continues to do so! With a powerful 350W motor, this scooter can reach speeds of 18.6 mph. However, the real difference maker is the long distance range it offers. The Max model boasts a best in class 40.4 miles thanks to its powerful 551W Lithium battery. 


This scooter has many safety features that are must haves given the long distance range. The Max features both front and rear LED lights that will light up the pavement. It not only has an electrical anti-lock braking system, but the braking system is complete with a rear mechanical brake as well. Front and rear shock absorption suspension combined with 10 inch pneumatic tires provide a smooth trip no matter the surface!


This long distance e-scooter comes in just under four digits at $949.


Unagi Model One E500


The Unagi Model One E500 prides itself on best in class design. This model is made from Japanese carbon fiber that strikes a perfect balance between lightweight and heavy-duty strength. The One E500 also comes with an integrated command center between the handlebars. This command center is complete with an LED display that connects to the Unagi mobile app for further customer control. 


The One E500 offers some of the quickest acceleration of any scooter we tested. Powering this acceleration are Dual 250W continuous motors with each peaking at 500W. The E500 also houses a 28.8V 9Ah battery which allows a range of 15.5 miles.


This Unagi e-scooter has both front and back LED lights, and continues to impress with one of the brightest headlights we tested. It also includes a sophisticated braking system complete with both front and back regenerative brakes as well as a rear stomp break in case you need to stop in a hurry!


This Japanese built scooter comes in at $949.


Hiboy Titan Electric Scooter


Coming in at the most expensive e-scooter on our list, the Hiboy Titan features technology that can only be described as first in class. The Titan offers a powerful 800W motor propelling this scooter to top speeds of 25 mph. Combining the motor with a 12.5AH battery allows the Titan to travel up to 28 miles on a single charge.


This scooter excels in hilly environments particularly well. Designed for commuting across any elevation change this scooter can climb 25° inclines without issue. Dual disc brakes and a rear dual shock suspension ensure that you are able to stop the scooter very quickly even while commuting down hill. Along with the 10 inch off-road pneumatic tires, this bike is the ultimate all terrain e-scooter. 


The Titan includes standard safety features such as front and rear LED lights. It also has an LED display between the handlebars to easily show riders the e-scooter mode, battery life, speed, and distance information. Although this model is slightly larger than some others on the market coming in at just over 50lbs, it is still easily foldable and would fit in any car trunk.


The Titan is the most expensive model on our list at $1299.99.

We hope this list helps you make sense of the abundance of e-scooters on the marketplace today.


Here at Bikerent.com we love to hear feedback from our readers and customers! Do you think our list is correct? Maybe you have another e-scooter we should be considering. Let us know at support@bikerent.com, and we may feature you in our next blog post!

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